Saddle Fitting Testimonials

Professional PEER Saddle Fitting testimonials

Saddle fitting PEER testimonial
  • Veterinary Chiropractor and McTimoney Chiropractor (human) - Joanne Archer - Veterinary Chiropractor and McTimoney Chiropractor (human)

“Kat's approach to saddle fitting is a carefully considered assessment of the horse's physical shape, improving this as needed and then finding the correct saddle by first identifying exactly the right tree. I would not hesitate to recommend Kat to anyone as a really effective and professional remedial saddle fitting specialist”

Saddle fitting PEER testimonial
  • Osteopath (Equine and Human) – Rachel Keevil

“I have recommended Kat to many of my Equine Osteopath Clients for saddle fitting and training and have used Kat for saddle fitting on my own horses. I highly recommend her”

Saddle fitting PEER testimonial
  • Physiotherapist (Equine and human); McTimoney Corley and Equine Bowen Therapist - Caroline Moore

“Having known Kat for several years, I have extreme confidence in her knowledge in terms of saddle fitting and as a classical horse trainer and teacher. I am a human physiotherapist and an equine body worker, which incorporates many manual hands-on approaches. Meeting saddle fitters and trainers like Kat fills me with enthusiasm as that they have deeper understanding of our equine friends.

I believe Kats theoretical understanding of saddle fitting takes into account the balance of the saddle not only for the horse but to enhance the rider’s position as well. This approach to saddle fitting and especially for more remedial saddle fitting cases is derived from Kat’s deep knowledge and understanding of anatomy and biomechanics of the horse. This knowledge also crosses over into Kat’s teaching and training, always seeking to improve the symmetry of the horse, building up correct musculature for the horse to carry the rider more efficiently. Having a saddle that allows this is of upmost importance and this is what Kat addresses.

The whole package Kat offers is very holistic and with the horse’s comfort at the forefront and armed with biomechanical information to deepen horse owners’ knowledge so they can improve themselves and their horse. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kat for saddle fitting or training”.

Saddle Fitting Client Testimonials

Fliss and George

“Since I have been using Kat I have been absolutely over the moon with the results I have seen in my horse’s natural way of going and the significant changes in the health of my horse’s back. Kat always explains the problems and the solutions in depth, demonstrating her wealth of knowledge, but always in a simplistic way that I can understand, and she is always so enthusiastic about helping my horse reach his full potential regarding his health and movement. Kat is always so friendly and eager to help and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone!”

Elke and Hugo

“Kat has been helping us tremendously with finding Hugo’s feet again literally. Before we met Kat, Hugo had started to feel really unbalanced and I could not figure out what it was. He went through a thorough medical investigation. When Kat came to see us she found that his apparently well-fitting saddle was causing the issue. Finding Kat at the right moment meant that we had the best help we could imagine, she fitted Hugo with a new saddle and started us from scratch, teaching him to move correctly again, rebuilding his back muscles from the ground and then again from the saddle. He has become a straighter, more balanced and lighter horse to ride and I cannot thank Kat enough for what she has done for us!”

Suzi and Zola

“Hi Kat, Wow – I schooled Zola in her new saddle this morning and she moved so much better, free through her shoulders, more responsive to my seat and it didn’t budge either! I’m so thrilled to have found you, so lucky that you were recommended to me, I was beginning to think I would never get a correctly fitting saddle. Really, really happy, thanks a million!”

Hazel and Darcy, Jasper and Blaze

“I have been using Kat as my saddler for a number of years now and she has had to address a variety of different issues in my horses. Kat always takes the necessary time to assess each horse and their individual needs, she then explains what she is seeing and the remedial action required, in a way that is easy for me to understand. I was particularly impressed with the exercises Kat gave me to promote my horses' muscular development, they were easy to do and I saw major improvements in a short space of time. Not only have my horses benefited from Kat's expertise, I have learned a lot to. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kat to anyone”

Sue and Ace, Juno and Thistle

“Kat was recommended to me by an equine osteopath who was treating my thoroughbred who had retired from racing with kissing spine and other old injuries. Kat has the challenge of fitting him sympathetically bearing in mind all his problems, including only just being brought back into riding after 2 years in the field!

I am full of praise for Kat for what she has achieved in the comfortable fit of the saddle, the on-going care and advice to get him straight and fit and information she has passed on to me at the same time.

Aside from her saddle fitting both of my horses, I have had a few riding lessons with Kat and have benefitted by having my riding posture improved & learnt simple ways to improve the flexibility of my horse & how to ride in a controlled and kind way”

Becks and Wilf

“Hi Kat, I just wanted to let you know I rode in the school yesterday and I could not believe Wilf’s movements, he kept trying to push me into extended trot and he was naturally lowering his head and neck arching it in a lot more extended way without me even asking him, so happy you have shown me this way of saddle fitting, thanks again! …I have also been XC schooling. Wilf is normally a bit hesitant so I was a bit on edge but he was jumping all the jumps really forwards and didn’t swerve towards the jumps at all, this saddle you fitted is doing wonders!! His movement has been so good and his back looks so good so really pleased!”

Anette and Ed, Colin and Phil

“I had quite a few saddle fitters coming to fit saddles for my horses especially one gelding that has no withers and is not slim! This had been very frustrating and an expensive journey until I found Kat. She was the first saddle fitter who took the time to understand the anatomy/conformation and potential back problems with my horses.

Kat puts the horse first which is how I treat my horses. Riding a horse with a correct fitting saddle which does not cause the horse any pain is and always has been my priority. Even with the challenge of my ‘no wither’ horse, Kat found the right solution and saddle which fits and is also working with me when he gets back into work and his fitting requirements will change. She has fitted saddles to two more of my horses, both with different back requirements.

I can highly recommend Kat as she is the first saddle fitter who could help me. I would have saved myself a lot of money and worries if I’d known her sooner”

Amanda and Miho, Peanut and Friendly

“Kat’s expertise has been invaluable in keeping my youngster’s back healthy throughout the backing process and beyond as he changes shape and our needs change. She is so meticulous in her work and explains it clearly so that I can understand the theory behind her recommendations. Thank you Kat!”

Marie and Gabriel, Ivan

“My horse Gabriel has quite a difficult back to fit a saddle to. He is high withered with a slight sway back and broad barrel. When I first met Kat Layfield and had her do her first saddle fit for us I realised what a poor service most previous saddle fitters I had used offer. Kat is extremely thorough and her prime concern is the comfort and rehabilitation of the horse’s back which includes making sure the rider sits in the right place, to enable the horse to use his back correctly. We have had to refit or replace saddles regularly over the last 5 years due to the positive effect of the training and muscular improvement. Each time Kat is as thorough as the first time. I am completely confident that I am providing the best for my horse so that he can do his best for me”

Kat and Lexi

“Kat has been saddle fitting my mare since an initial lesson in which it became apparent that I was ill-advised by a previous fitter. Although I was reassured by the previous master saddler that my mare was appropriately fitted (with a very pricey dressage saddle), Kat immediately spotted a lack of impulsion in my mare - due to a very tightly fitted saddle. My mare, like many horses suffered from muscle atrophy which was not been picked up on by my saddler. To the contrary, the saddle was fitted to her current ill-shape, not the shape she needed to grow into.

Since Kat has worked with me on the optimum remedial fit, my mare has gone from strength to strength (long may it continue!), putting on muscle tone and being generally much happier, forward and co-operative when ridden. Kat has since returned regularly to keep things in check. Her attention to detail, patience and expertise have been evident. Kat doesn't rush things, tries various options and always leaves us with the best and most appropriate solution. Her knowledge extends of course beyond fitting - she is an excellent teacher with the empathy and in-depth experience that is to be expected by someone trained in classical riding. 

I am glad I have found Kat - saddles are a minefield and there are many saddle fitters around with the main objective of selling saddles, often applying conveyor belt strategies and lacking actual bio-mechanical riding expertise. Many thanks Kat!”

Kate and Betty

“I have a 9 year old, short backed, broad cob that is rather tricky to fit. After a disastrous purchase from a previous saddler it became apparent we needed a specialist. Kat came highly recommended and spent time to understand my girls shape and particular needs by discussion with me, a proper examination of her back – taking in how the saddle had been restricting her movement and altering muscles – and taking photos and a template of her to see how she would progress with future fittings. The saddle she felt fitted best was a Wintec All Purpose Wide which was shimmed with inserts to fit and sit perfectly. I queried the choice as Wintec have not always had the best reputation, but after the first hack out it was apparent that this was indeed the right saddle for the pony and me! After 30 uses Kat returned to see how we were going and the improvement was amazing. Not only was there no more slipping, but my girls slightly atrophied shoulder muscles were now plumping up because she could move more freely. I am so happy with the professional service Kat provides and would say to anyone who has a hard to fit horse, or who has been previously poorly advised, to put yourself in her hands and be confident that she will absolutely be able to help you”

Susie and Indie

“Kat was recommended to me by a Veterinary chiropractor as my horse’s back had been made uncomfortable by a previous ill-fitting saddle which had led to his back and pectoral muscles tightening up and had also presented as him lame in trot…Thank you Kat for producing a comfortable saddle for us, with all the extras and for your advice on my rusty riding. I’m now out competing Indie successfully and your help has contributed to a happy and successful 22 year old horse”

Jackie and Max

“I’d love for you to use my experiences with you for your website. As I’m rubbish with words, please feel free to put something really nice on my behalf. I’ve nothing but good things to say about you and your service. So very happy with my saddle as you know”

Anna Vickery with Noah and Lucas. Equine Behaviourist, Instructor and Holistic Livery Yard Owner.

“Kat is a superb saddle fitter! She takes her time and is an absolute perfectionist when fitting saddles. She will notice any slight irregularity and correct it. The horses have never gone better since using her. She has integrity in her work and will always work within your budget, offering free advice over the phone and helping you source saddles to try. No sales pitch, just honest saddle fitting to an extremely high standard. I use her and have recommended her to my liveries and training clients”

Briony and Reo, Jethro and Jack

“It is always reassuring to feel that, as a qualified and extremely competent saddle-fitter, Kat is keeping an eye on our saddle fit and balance. She has done saddle fitting sessions with all 3 horses and is very knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. All the horses benefited greatly from the changes that she made”