Saddle Fitting

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Saddle Fitting


Kat is not only a classical trainer with over 25 years of experience; she is also a Qualified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant (MSFC). Kat offers saddle fitting as an independent service to her teaching; you do not need to be a training client of Kat’s to have a saddle fitting consultation.

Kat became a saddle fitter as a direct result of being a classical riding Instructor and trainer. She found time and time again that the horses she was working with in a teaching/training capacity were not able to reach their full athletic potential because of ill-fitting and poorly designed saddles. Becoming a qualified saddle fitter in addition to being an Instructor put Kat in a unique position to offer expertise in both saddle fitting and horse and rider training, enabling her clients to benefit from a comprehensive service.

Kat’s Master Saddle Fitting Consultant qualification is endorsed by the Veterinary University of Uterich and is the only external qualification recognized by the Society of Master Saddlers. Kat regularly attends veterinary and therapist courses on horse-back health for her continued professional development. Kat works closely with other horse industry professionals including Vets, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists. She has many references from Industry professionals supporting the work she does.

Kat has spent hundreds of hours with Walsall saddle makers, training and learning about the saddle making process. She works closely with Walsall saddlers and can offer bespoke handmade leather saddles as well as a wide range of adjustable saddles, pads, numnahs and girths. She has been developing her own range of saddles and her own product range will be launched imminently. Please contact Kat directly if you would like more information on the products she stocks.

In addition to helping horses and riders with everyday saddle fitting issues, Kat is also a specialist in remedial saddle fitting. She has vast experience helping to restore horse’s backs to a heathier state if the saddle/girth/numnah were the primary cause. If your horse needs this they are put on her ‘remedial saddle fitting programme’. She has helped countless horses develop healthy backs using her tried and tested ‘remedial saddle fitting programme’.

Kat has listed below some of the signs that may show your horse’s saddle, girth or numnah may not be fitting properly.

If your horse: has muscle atrophy behind its shoulder blades; has rub marks on its back or girth area; walks to the back of its stable or turns its quarters towards you when it sees the saddle/tack; Is grumpy, aggressive or tries to walk off when the saddle is put on its back; Puts its ears back, swishes its tail, kicks or tries to bite you when girthing up; Is reluctant to stand to be mounted; Is reactive when first mounted; Is not moving with a free stride under saddle, often labelled as ‘lazy’; has their saddle slip when ridden; has started bucking, particularly in canter transition; finds bending and/or circles difficult; refuses to jump or hollows over a fence; back has strange sweat marks under the saddle area when untacked; is young and growing, age range between 3 and 7 years old; has lost or gained weight recently; has lost or gained fitness recently. This list is not exhaustive, but if your horse is showing any of the above, a saddle fitting consultation is highly recommended.

Saddle Fitting for New Clients

Kat does not sell saddles without fitting them first. You do not need to be a training client of Kat’s to have a saddle fitting consultation. Consultations are free if a saddle is purchased from Kat within 2 weeks of the consultation. Please contact Kat 07816 512911, for information on consultation and travel charges.
Please allow between 1 ½ and 2 ½ hours for this initial assessment. Your saddle assessment will include some or all of the list below, depending on your individual situation.

  1. Assessment of your horse’s current back health, static and in movement.
  2. Templates, information and photos documented for future reference.
  3. Education in good/bad back health and movement in horses.
  4. Assessment of your horse’s current saddle. Looking at whether its design features compliment your horse’s conformation, movement, workload, weight, rider etc
  5. Education in good and bad design features of saddles. 
  6. Problem solving possible saddling issues.
  7. If required, fitting of a new saddle.
  8. If required flocking of old saddle (additional charge will apply)
  9. If required a ‘remedial saddle fitting programme’